Pop Messenger: LAN chat and Instant Messenger software for corporate network

LAN Chat and

Instant Messaging


Pop Messenger: LAN Chat and Instant Messaging solution
[ Pop Messenger: LAN messenger for chat over local network ]

LAN chat and messaging solution for both small and medium enterprises!

One of the key factors of successful business operation is well-thought staff communication system. This complete small to large enterprise level instant communication solution offers full range of instant communication tools that do not require a dedicated server or usage of third party services. Whether you chat on public or private channel, send messages or files, you can enjoy maximum security and ease of use.

LAN chat. Instant messenger.

PopMessenger operates as a LAN-based instant messaging system allowing for immediate rich text message and files delivery over corporate network. You can communicate with all the users on the network or choose specific user group (e.g. Level 2 managers) or send private messages.

Whether you chat on public or private channel, send text messages or files, you can enjoy maximum security as application encrypts all data transmitted. With PopMessenger it is easy to utilize all aspects of modern instant communication, including user states (Available, DND, Offline etc.), customizable messages history filters and live chat.

The application combines power of the latest technological achievements with ease of use and intuitive user interface. It comes with flexible licensing policy and a FREE trial version! So, why waste time on ill-thought communication solutions? Try PopMessenger today!


Features include:

  • Public and private chat rooms
  • Both private and broadcast message types
  • Peer-to-peer messaging
  • Real-time message encryption
  • Offline message sending
  • Users groups
  • File transfer
  • Messages history with advanced filters
  • Sound events
  • Auto Answers
  • Multilingual interface support
  • Configurable sounds, colors and fonts.

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