Pop Messenger: LAN chat and Instant Messenger software for corporate network

LAN Chat and

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Pop Messenger: LAN Chat and Instant Messaging solution
[ Pop Messenger: chat software for LAN (Local Area Network) ]

LAN chat and messaging program. What is it?

This is a chat box similar to Instant Messenger that would allow users on a LAN (Local Area Network) to communicate with each other quickly and with features similar to Internet-based messenger programs. You can group your pals by category (sales department, friends, boss, etc.), have it pop up and play a sound when you get a message, assign certain sounds to certain users, block users, maybe even send atachments.

If you consider the implications that instant LAN messaging has for your business, you'll find that it offers great potential for improving communication between your employees.

What is the importance of instant messaging today?

As the world starts moving faster, we all want to catch up with the latest technologies. Indeed, investing in faster, more reliable and less human-dependent technologies, is a great opportunity to win the race and beat the competition.

One of the key factors of successful business operation is well-thought staff communication system. Good managers know that each minute of work time spent in vain means profit loss. That is why building fast and convenient personnel communication environment is so important, these days.

Common means of communication, such as verbal instructions, phone conversations and e-mail messaging, are far from perfection when it comes to delivering short messages to multiple individuals. Internet-based instant messaging solutions are good but they rely on third-party services which makes the entire system unreliable in question. The best solution shall be an instant messaging (IM) software working in local network. IM already is in many companies. So, what are you waiting for?

Short overview

Problems of Internet based Chat or Instant Messaging Software

  • High exposure to virus attack and hacking / down time
  • Can not be used behind firewalls
  • Must be dependent on their servers
  • Unencrypted messaging
  • People often use these messengers to chat with people outside the office
  • Spam mail and pop-up banners
  • No technical support